Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Funeral StationeryAt a time of great sadness, we understand that you may not want to stop and think of how to put your Order of Service together. To help and aid you, Memorial Stationery has produced memorial designs that span all ages, assisting you in producing a high quality, professional funeral stationery product.

You can choose one of these designs and have the words and hymns that you would like. Alternatively, we can use the parts that you most like and blend them together into a layout just for you.

You may prefer to have a bespoke design, carefully created for you by one of our designers.  Your Order of Service, might be a simple hymn sheet, or it might incorporate favourite poems or readings. There could be contributions from children, pictures, paintings or drawings. Your memorial stationery can be as much or as little as you wish. Below are some typical sample syles:

Contacting Memorial Stationery:

Please phone or email a member of our dedicated staff – call 01685 870324 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Paper and the Environment

The environment matters to all of us. Memorial Stationery uses a range of papers that have been developed and approved for their environmental credentials. It may be your wish or, the wish of the deceased to use products that are either sustainable or uniquely, absolutely carbon free. All the papers used by Memorial Stationery are FSA approved. This means that the paper either comes from a sustainable source or are recycled.

However, there is one paper that we offer which is different in its make-up, and completely carbon free. We are the only printer in the world allowed to use this paper for our products, this is something that is completely unique to us and therefore to you.

This exclusive paper is made without any trees being involved in the process and is carbon neutral. The paper is made wholly from the by-product of sheep (sheep droppings are sterilized and washed then turned into paper) and manufactured in the magical foothills of the Welsh mountains, no trees are used in this process at all.

We are the only printer in the world allowed to offer this paper for these products.

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