Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Memorial StationeryI watch the sunrise
lighting the sky,
casting its shadows near.
And on this morning
bright though it be,
I feel those shadows near me.

But you are always
close to me
following all my ways.
May I be always
close to you
following all your ways, Lord.

I watch the sunlight
shine through the clouds,
warming the earth below.
And at the mid-day
life seems to say:
“I feel your brightness near me.”
For you are always …

I watch the sunset
fading away,
lighting the clouds with sleep.
And as the evening
closes its eyes
I feel your presence near me.
For you are always …

I watch the moonlight
guarding the night,
waiting till morning comes.
The air is silent,
earth is at rest –
only your peace is near me.
Yes, you are always …

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