Sunday, September 20, 2020
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We are hugely experienced in the field of design and print. Having been in business for over 24 years, we enjoy an enviable reputation, built on excellence and hard work.

Memorial StationeryMemorial Stationery is fully self-sufficient – the entire process from design to print is produced by us. This means we are never dependent on other companies “fitting us in” – we have total control over the schedule at all times.

At Memorial Stationery we appreciate that death is a hugely important event in anybody’s life, and as such understand that this a difficult time for you. We are committed to listening sympathetically and understanding your needs. We will offer gentle guidance on how to produce the best possible funeral literature for you.

Your Order of Service, might be a simple hymn sheet, or it might incorporate favourite poems or readings. There could be contributions from children, pictures, paintings or drawings. It can be as much or as little as you wish.

Most of us want to do the best we can in celebrating the life of, and saying goodbye to, someone we have loved. Our aim is to create something unique that will act as a lasting memorial to your loved one, and celebrate a life lived. A memorial that everybody can share in and reflect on, a keepsake that people can cherish and take away with them.

You may wish to have a bespoke memorial stationery design, carefully created for you by one of our designers. Alternatively you can choose from our pre-designed stationery layouts, which can be easily adapted to your personal requirements. We have also made available, hymns, poems and readings that you might like to include, or you can provide your own.

Our promise – you will be our focus and what you want will be our aim.

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